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If you've worried Redding could be the next Kenosha, you're not alone.  At Shasta Scout we believe a democratic community requires access to just and equitable news. We are a new independent hyperlocal news group, committed to diversity in the stories we cover and in the perspectives we use to tell those stories.  We know that high quality news impacts the safety and inclusion of our community and creates room for new ways of thinking and building connections.


We're Ready to Tell the Deeper Stories.

You want news about the Board of Supervisors and the Redding City Council.  You want to know the latest on Bethel Church's involvment with City government. You want stories focused on keeping law enforcement accountable and reporting on the activities of Shasta County's paramilitary groups.  You've asked us to tell you what's happening in business and education and to pay special attention to the environment.  And you want amplification of the voices and perspectives of the local indigenous and LGBTQ+ communities.  We're here for all of it. These are the stories we want to tell.

Shasta Scout's news will always be free with no paywalls. By sharing your email, you're saying you'd like to stand with us as we tell these stories. Your support will give us the courage to stand up and speak out.

"I would love to see more hyperlocal news that covers things from a different angle."

"This kind of local reporting is so crucial to understanding our community." 

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Shasta Scout news will always be free, with no paywall.

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We're stronger when we stand together. Thanks for standing with us.  Your support gives us the courage to tell Shasta County's deeper stories and contribute to a stronger, safer community.  


Annelise Pierce has written numerous stories for the local news blog, A News Cafe.  Under the mentorship of the Google News Initative Startup Lab she is now working to launch Shasta Scout, an independent hyperlocal news organization focused on increasing access to diverse and inclusive news in the North State. Shasta Scout currently plans to seek 501(c)3 status and operate under a combination of grant and audience funding. 

With the crowd funding support of our local audience, we hope to begin producing news in the form of a Weekly News Roundup beginning in January of 2021. Simultaneously we will be soliciting grant and sponsorship funding to support long-term investigative reporting on the deeper and more complex stories of our community.

Would you like to report for Shasta Scout?  We value persistence, curiousity, and a commitment to sound journalistic ethics but do not require a formal journalism education or reporting experience to consider your work.  Contact for more information.

We welcome your story ideas or inside tips.